ITIL® 2011 Edition Foundation: ITIL® and the Service Lifecycle

Organizations that provide IT services to internal or external customers need to provide excellent services to enhance value to the organization. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) can help organizations achieve these goals and increase external and internal customer satisfaction. To be successful, an organization needs to have the capabilities to manage these services and good practices to ensure these capabilities are fully utilized. This course addresses using service management as a practice for IT companies. This course will assist the learner in preparing for the ITIL® Foundation level certification examination and is aligned with the ITIL® 2011 Edition syllabus. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

Target Audience
For information technology professionals who seek to improve and streamline the processes used to support the deployment of information technology within a business organization and individuals preparing for the ITIL® Foundation exam.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

ITIL® 2011 Edition Foundation: ITIL® and the Service Lifecycle


  • match the organizations involved with the IT infrastructure library and examinations with their role
  • identify the reasons for ITIL®’s success
  • identify the features of the ITIL® qualification and examination scheme
  • identify how a service can provide value
  • identify the features of services
  • identify the features of Service Management
  • recognize the importance of Service Management and the challenges service providers face
  • match each ITIL® volume with a description of what it provides
  • recognize the goals and objectives of each Lifecycle stage
  • recognize the scope of each Service Lifecycle stage
  • recognize the value of each Service Lifecycle stage
  • recognize the characteristics of lifecycle functions and processes
  • recognize the scope, goals and objectives, and Service Lifecycle stage in a given example

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