Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 – Core Solutions: Maintenance and Monitoring

SharePoint Server 2013 includes a variety features used to help monitor and optimize a SharePoint Server 2013 environment. This course covers how to properly create a maintenance plan, diagnostic and logging tools, and troubleshooting and tracing solutions This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the SharePoint 2013 exam 70-331. This exam is one of the requirements for the MCSE: SharePoint path.

Target Audience
Senior SharePoint administrators with a minimum of 4 years hands on experience planning, deploying, and maintaining multi-server SharePoint environments. Also experience working with technologies including Windows Server, IIS, SQL and Active Directory.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 – Core Solutions: Maintenance and Monitoring


  • recognise monitoring tools for the SharePoint 2013 environment
  • identify fields that can be configured when defining a new health rule in SharePoint Server 2013
  • recognise measures used to quantify performance in SharePoint 2013
  • recognise types of storage used with database servers
  • identify attributes associated with the BlobCache element in SharePoint Server 2013
  • describe Visual Studio 2012 load testing configuration
  • recognise issues that can be diagnosed or rectified using client-side tracing
  • monitor SharePoint 2013

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